Island-based Ecovillages


Ladoga Lake view from the ‘Ostrov’ retreat center. Photo from the Ostrov’s archives.
Kilpola Island is located off the western coast of Ladoga near the border between the Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad Region in the North-West of Russia, quite close to Finland.
Large dome for group events. Photo from the archives of the project.
The chart from the strategic session on Ostrov’s development. November 2020
Alexander Argelander. Photo — Irina Argelander

We got used to camp in Karelia in the summer, and one day, already in the fall, we decided that we didn’t want to leave the camp and take everything to the city until the next season, and we decided to look for a place for wintering.

Large sauna building. Photo from the archives of the project
Dwelling houses domes. Photo from the project’s archives
the Green Camp educational center sketch by Roman Sokolov
The Ostrov’s Common (the first) house. Photo — Natalia Baberkina

Suderbyn ecovillage

Suderbyn ecovillage’s schematic map. The project’s total area is 10 hectares.

It is a chosen community value to live in a multicultural space where cultures can learn from each other, and it is also related to the fact that we work with international projects, trying to help bring the eco-settlement movement to a systemic level. There are usually 12–17 nationalities per 25 people in Suderbyn.

Livonsaaren yhteisökylä

Shop (foto is from its Facebook page), run by ecovillagers Heidi Tolvanen (a local citizen) and Iveta Masláková (originally from Slovakia), on the second floor there are a couple of rooms for volunteers and a kitchen.
Low-energy ecohouse made in Livonsaari ecovillage during one week in July 2010 by ultraKUB OY.



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