The Roadmap for Symbiocenic Environments 2023–2025

Sergey Dmitriev
2 min readMay 14, 2023
I’ve got this borelian forest photo from an article by Jaana Bäck published on the University of Helsinki website.

This is an open call to gather a team (and a ‘society’) for the story of Symbiocenic Environments to proceed with it according to the roadmap below.

If you are interested and would like to contribute, please leave a comment here, possibly mentioning others who could also be involved. The next step is to schedule a Zoom call to address your questions and discuss further collaboration.

Preliminary Roadmap


  1. The (Informal) Society for Symbiocenic Environments (SymEnS)
  • 15 members +
  • 5 in the core team (3 full-time with fundraised or self-funding, 2 part-time volunteers)

2. Preparation for storytelling about symbiocenic environments and ecovillages in global media as an appealing scientific alternative to mainstream values and operations. This alternative is one among many others. Contacts will be made with top creators.

3. Implementation of two pilot initiatives/spots in the Balkans.

4. Fundraising for the initial 3 years of SymEnS operations.


  1. SymEnS official registration as an NGO, and initiation of the SymEnS Research Network to create a research roadmap.
  2. The second pilot region will be North Europe, with field trips to South America. A total of three or four pilot projects will be carried out.
  3. Fundraising for the first 8 years of SymEnS operations.
  4. The first storytelling initiative will be disseminated worldwide, for example, through a Netflix series, anime, book, etc.


  1. Completion of legislation law-ware for SymEnS in two pilot countries.
  2. A total of four or five pilot projects will be conducted.
  3. SymEnS Forum will be established.


For pilot locations, any region in any year is possible (including Asia, Australia, etc.) if there are initiative groups. The geographical areas mentioned are the ones I have focused on.

The key topics for the pilots will be chosen based on their relevance to the local community and specific individuals from participating organizations. However, my current personal interests lie in community living, self-sufficiency, body-mind research, and unschooling in rural areas.