Positive Images of Future that Inspire Ecological Movements and Actions



Kovcheg — kins domain settlment, ecovillage and intentional commuity in Russia (140 km from Moscow). 200+ inhabitans, community owned property (121 heactars), school and theatre. Photo source.

Kin’s Domains as a Gamechanging Narrative in Post-Soviet Countries

Vegetable garden in the Mishurny family kin’s domain in Zvon-Gora settlement (Republic of Belarus). Photo by Alla Mishurnaya

Dolphin Embassy

A film of 2020 ‘Russian Old-believer in South America’ (in Russian) by Aleksey Pivovarov.

Directions for the Western World




Ad-hoc education and research in eco-villages

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Sergey Dmitriev

Sergey Dmitriev

Ad-hoc education and research in eco-villages

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