Ecology Practitioners in Serbia

Vrmdza village by DjordjeMarkovic, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Planinitsa’s areas. Photo by Roman Tolić.
  • Rtanski Vrt (web site, facebook) — a permaculture estate (about 7 hectares) on the slopes of Rtnje. They’ve got a plan for the next 1000 years.
  • Zelenazija (web site, facebook) — a family moved to eastern Serbia in 2016. They built a house out of straw, planted a forest garden, and set up a solar system, and a rainwater collection and filtration system. Jet another output of this experience is the book ‘Život U Prirodi’ (Life in Nature) written by Aleksandar Janković. The story is quite common for modern back-to-the-landers:
  • Šumska 1 (web site, facebook). Intergenerational and international family homestead and initiative, initiated by the elders Goran and Goga and supported by families of their children. Their land is close to Fruška Gora nature park, while the city of Novi Sad is just 30 minutes away by bus.
Višnja in her garden. Photo by ???
Eco Center Radulovački’ new building.
  • coordinating the volunteering network on organic farms in Serbia — WWOOF Serbia (Katarina Milenković who manages it, is also a President of Ama centre)
  • running the first active community garden in Serbia — Bastaliste
  • running the school garden program in Serbia — Bastaonica
  • supporting the youth and women to develop self-sustainability through entrepreneurship in food production.




Ad-hoc education and research in eco-villages

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Sergey Dmitriev

Sergey Dmitriev

Ad-hoc education and research in eco-villages

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